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What A Seat for Hunting What-A-Seat provides a comfortable, warm, dry place to sit with back support! The sides are adjustable for sitting, lounging positions, and sleeping flat without unnecessary soreness. The seat holds a person weighing up to 500 pounds. All of these chairs are American made and don't have any metal parts—making them the perfect portable seating option for all major stadiums. Two Men Sitting on Wooden Bench

Man & Child Sitting on Metal Bench

Place it anywhere: on the snow, sand, rocks, stadium bleachers, hard surfaces, anywhere your active lifestyle takes you!

Folds tightly and neatly for storage and easy carrying with the handle. Clips around your waist for "no hands" carrying and weighs only 19 oz.

The seat is available in nearly two dozen different colors and color combinations. It can be personalized for your team, school, or organization, with your name and/or logo!

Fold Up Chair

Multiple Uses:

  • Stadium Chair
  • Beach Chair
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Exercise Mat
  • Deer Stand
  • Boat Seat
  • Study Seat
  • Nap Pad


  • One Size Fits All
  • Proven Resilience
  • Water Repellent
  • Resists Fading
  • Cleans Easily
  • Weighs 19 Oz.
  • Back Support
  • Adjustable
  • Made In USA

Woman Sitting At The Beach

Seat Setup: Release Velcro strip, pull seat apart with carrying handle at the top of seat, place body comfortably. For more back support, pull end straps down tightly until desired support is achieved, loosen straps to lounge back.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash with soapy water and sponge - rinse it off and line dry.

Caution: The seat is flammable and should not be exposed to fire and flames. The chair floats but is not to be used as a floatation device. It is intended for sleeping or sitting. User assumes all responsibilities for other uses.

What-A-Seat sits comfortably anywhere! It turns any sitting spot into a chair with back support, folds tightly, and cleans easily.

Contact us today at (276) 207-9405 to learn more about our seat.

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Contact us today at (276) 207-9405 to learn more about our seat.

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Contact us today at (276) 207-9405 to learn more about our seat.

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Call (276) 207-9405 to get help with any What-A-Seat order.

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"Thanks for making such an awesome seat. The video you sent to me was perfect and my parents really enjoyed their first time using your seat at my nephew's basketball game. We appreciate you"

"The best stadium seat I have ever purchased it's made so well, I love it, I use it everwhere I go. The best bleacher seat ever!"


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